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Our Work

JTyler's Keeper Organization is deeply committed to giving back to those in need, and making sure our community knows that we care by being involved and changing lives. Over the 2021 Holidays, we adopted 4 families to provide food, clothing, electronics, toys, and other necessities for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This page will show you the work that we do, and what's to come. If you would like to donate to our organization, donations can be sent via cash app to:$jackstc or Zelle: 770-885-8951. There will be a direct link on the site to donate soon.

Mothers Day 2022:


We blessed two amazing single mothers that go above and beyond for their children. These lovely ladies were treated with gift cards to the spa and dinner!

thanksgiving jtk.jpeg

Adopted Families:


We adopted three families for Thanksgiving 2021. We provided all food, and ingredients for the families to be able to enjoy their meals with no worries. We also delivered the food to them.  Justin's mother, Tracy, was a single working mother. She wanted to bless other single working women who needed help, because she knows how tough it can be with no assistance. 

Adopted Family:


A single grandmother of 7 needed help. She is raising these children on her own, and refused to let them go to the foster care system. She reached out to our organization and we instantly knew we wanted to help make their Thanksgiving and Christmas special. With the help of all board members of the organization, donations from the wonderful people of our community, and the Covington Police Department, we granted this families' wishes. 

christmas jtk.jpeg

A Few Photos from Christmas


Justin Tyler's Christmas Basket:

Filled with his favorite things

Christmas 2020 and 2021 were both extremely hard without our angel physically here with us. Tracy decided to buy Justin's favorite things, and raffle the basket. It made a wonderful Christmas gift! The winner loved his basket, and was pleased with shipping time. All proceeds went to JTyler's Keeper.

basket jtk_edited.jpg
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